Canned Space Ham

I can't write that fast!

Chelle: And bring me large women!
Aaron: Where did your mind go, Kevin?
Kevin: Why does the Rhino need human women?

Chelle: I really want the Monkey King to go back, Alt Home
Jim: I’m not sure that’s a good idea
Aaron: Enter home?

Ryan: His face doesn’t fit so well, its going to itch later.
Kevin: It sucks to be him.

Kevin: Ok back up plan.
Chelle: They have a case of space pox, from free range lunar chickens. They got a bad batch.

Jim & Jessie together: Who let the Rhino’s out? Who, Who

Chelle: Its rank in that alleyway
Jim: Its at least a Cornel

Chelle: You can help me with my circulation.
Ryan: You can help her with her circulation

Kevin: You not right or left in the head, something has left you brain and what is left isn’t right

Aaron: I hate Luna, I want to Nuke it
Kevin: Wait, can I clear out my apartment first? I have a plastic plotted plant that I haven’t dusted yet this year.
Aaron: Ok I can wait
Chelle: Ok, I will totally buy you a new plant

Jim: I was using today as a test of self-restraint
Chelle: I’m just not that masochistic

Dave: So can you jump easier an object vs people?
Chelle: Can you jump the bus?
Jessie: No, my legs are short, I don’t know if I can
Aaron: But in Luna gravity, it should be easier

Ryan: But I apparently drew the short straw, I am Cuban
Kevin: May I suggest you don’t get smoked.

Jim: Smoked What, Hickory what?
Ryan: Hickory smoked is so crazy!

Ryan: this is why I know the universe has a sence of humor. Cause in adulosence, you notice you have 2 hands and 1 cock, Why oh why
Dave: That’s why women have 2 breasts
Chelle: Or 1 hand on shoulder, other hand on shoulder—-pull
Jim: Or one hand on hip, the other hand on hip—-pull
Jessie: Or pigtails

Chelle: So you were complaining that you were Cuban, I thought that you were bieing rolled on virgin thighs.

So what’s the dress code
Chelle: I was thinking Hooters

Ryan: Talking about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the hand that is handling the Wang-Marr would like you to stay away for them to make their spin or at least stand close to a lawer & have some stupid rub off on you and the hand that is handling the Crymatics would like you just to handle these four people/

Chelle: I have an implanted radio
Jessie: I will try to port it with you
Kevin (holding hands together) Why wont you talk to me?

Chelle: You could have multiple heads, that way they would have to buy more pieces
And you could have grenades
Ryan: and they only go off when they are near CC

Jessie to Ryan: Really?!?!?! In an elevator?
Ryan: Come on its kinda tradition

Chelle: Well, he can be anyone for anybody.
Dave: Even Armour.
Kevin: Just stop answering the questions

Ryan: You could clone him
Kevin I don’t want in operational. Does he have medicine, I’m mot sure that we want him operating

Jessie: Four dots in Algesis, she is the Evil Cleric
Ryan: Yes, she’s the Evil Cleric & it took you a long time to figue that out

Chelle: He’s going to bet on the Free Range Lunar chickens. You know if you put them in…
Aaron: If we are having soup, you might want to wash the bowls.
Chelle: Gerbal balls
Kevin: WHAT!!!
Aaron: Kevin, are you alright?
Kevin: No, I’m deranged, so I fit right in

Ryan: Why do I have 2 hands?
Chelle: But I only need one
Ryan: But for CC {mimes hand to head} its this way
Chelle: Or wait I have three or even more. Can you give me a hand?
Would that be called pricklocks?

Ryan: You’re only rolling 1 dice? Roll psy sparky! A porter with only 1 psy. How did you leave Caru?
Chelle: This is just a telepathic nightmare
Ryan: You actual meat bodies are on Caru.

Me: Oh, we are on Luna & I have my grenades!!!{gleefully claps hands}
Aaron {shudders}

Jessie: I got 2!
Ryan: Strength plus 5 dice, and you only got 2?
Jessie: She has a strength of 2
Ryan: And he botches and steps into the kick
Chelle: You damaged each nut, you should concentrate on one, that way he has a 50/50 chance of being sterile.

Ryan: Robert Way botched (his intive)
Chelle: Oh good, there is someone below me

Ryan: Ok Mayor, time to punt
Jessie: Kick, Kick
Dave: Ok foot meet balls

Kevin: That leaves you and me {pointing to Chelle}
David: Wait, it doesn’t effect me!
Kevin: That leaves you and me {pointing to Chelle}
David: Hey!!!
Kevin: Sorry, but your combat effectiveness is nill

David: Some of them are altered
Kevin: More are going to be altered
Ryan: Some of them are going to be Fudcked up

Kevin: Did the guy Armour his eye? Oh wait goggles, he did

Ryan: Wow! You guys really don’t mess with collateral damage, do you?
Jessie: I didn’t realize that this was a hotel.

Ryan: Chelle gets mean when she gets angry
Chelle, Dave & Me: Vengeance

Ryan: So when I read the discription of brainjack I have a great vision, this guy is having a really bad narcoleptic fit (snores, wakes up, snores wakes up—repeat)

Ryan: I was not going to mess with the teleport rules, but I gues that I will look it up
Jessie: It says not to look, it specifficly states not to look
Ryan: Ok well then we won’t look. You were selective in the confrence room, I don’t see why you can’t be selective now
Chelle: But you’re on fire!
Jessie: Shut up!

Ryan: Fuck you hospital, this is my locker. And for a moment you wonder if Crys is in there

Dave: I think that I got you size right
Kevin: and there is Captin Creepy Creepy
Dave: I’ve got an eye for this sort of thing
Chelle: I can just see his eye roaming over the body
Kevin: Ouch!
David: And I wasn’t trying to be Creepy
Aaron: Once you’ve been labled, its hard to scrub it off
Kevin: Its tacky and sticky

Ryan: Some one may need to bring her down
Jessie: I have a dream
Kevin: And I have a tranq!

Kevin: How long until I loose memory? Or did the ruffie not get this close?
David: I’ve got beer
Kevin: I don’t want it
Jessie: Yes you do
Kevin: Oh wait, yes I do

Ryan: So you’re really going to mess up the Keoske?
Jessie: She’s going to make the Chacka buy tickets
Ryan: You just bought the UN! You have delegate, aides passes to the floor

Kevin: But is localized!
Ryan: Sometimes that’s worse
Kevin: Shut up
Ryan: For all the work to get the shop away from hoopty and now you have a hoopty
Kevin: I have weld!!!
Chelle: But do you have paint?
Kevin: No that’s the next application.

Quotes from Last game of 2010

“The Secret has left the room.” Danica/Kim.

“At least he was on the right planet this time.” Ryan about Hector.

“If there is not a gun pointed at us we don’t seem to succeed as well” Do Rae Mi.
“Well, It’s pointed at us.” Rochell.

“I’m Raina Drain.” GM
“Of course you are.” Do
“I’m Raina Drain and you’re all wet.” Christol Bol

“Organic Hacking?” Dave
“With a Chainsaw” Kevin
“Hey, That is my Medulla Oblongata.” Ryan
“Someone Photo-shopped it.” Kevin

“Should Title it: Confusion Porn.” Ryan as random bystander about Stealth Porn.

“We are going to have to set in public.” Unknown
“Chameleon Condoms.” Kevin.
“When you really have to have an Invisible penis.” Chelle

“How do you know if the blinker on the car is going if the car is stolen.” Ryan.

“Carpe Neglije’” Jessi

“Dampening Field!”
“I like Anchor Field, When you do the notes you can name things.” Chelle

“One Telepath please. Male.” Jessi
“Ok, McMind to go!” Dave

“Hector can get hazard pay.” Chelle
“He will get hazard pay for being in the same country as us.” Aaron.

“A Younger Version of a MUTT.” Kevin
“It’s a Puppy.”

“You have an hour. In that time you can…” Ryan as GM
“Order Chinese.” Chelle
“Do they have Chinese <food> in Africa?”
“You Delete the Urgent Message.”

“Just Domestic Violence, My Girlfriend is pissed.”

“The nice thing is that he has a clear..Psionic Template in mind.”

“So in absence of a closet..Dufflebag?” Dave
“Actually, The Back seat fo the vehicle.” Jim

“Great. We have the Kidnapper Van.” Chris

“We ARE Humanity’s Destiny, Turn left ahead.” Ryan as Aberrant voice for a Navigation device.

“Where are my Grenades?!” Danica
“We have established this, In the Medkit.”

“We are lucky we didn’t find him in the middle of the insect exibit.” Random comment about CC

“Oh wait who am I going with..I’m putting on the good Jacket.” Rameriz’s Thoughts as he dons his armored suit.

“Hey, Look a Naked Girl. I can see it can’t you.” Kevin as Cristobal about distracting the enemy.

“Hector is not at a pay grade to deal with this.”
“Hostile Monkeys in combat armor, No.”

“Leon Chen is going to take off his shirt and do the Naked Juggie Dance.”

“Emotional trauma for the Elephants. It’s gonna cost you extra.” Chelle about Hector going Lawyer on the Bad Guys.

“It’s only a Stun Grenade!” Kim about Danica stuffing a Grenade down an enemies mouth.
“But it’s Point Blank Range!” Kevin

“And Today the Monkey King thinks he is Nashaka (The jump ship’s Avatar)” Ryan

“Bullets..So 5 minutes ago.”

“Leon Chen PWN’d a rhino.”

“Fooled you!” From the Nav system as the van passes the enemy that was supposed to run them over. The Van was controlled by Rochelle.
“Damn My Hulk Like Hands.” Ryan

“Yes but now he’s bonded with you.” About CC surrounding Na Gamma as Armor.

“I get to pilot a Jump Ship” Kevin to Jim as Kevin’s Character pilots our ship who’s Avatar is The Monkey King thinking he is an Avatar of the Jump Ship.

“Leon Chen is going to ride his rhino.”

“I know her size now.” CC about Nagamma who he surrounded as Armor reciently.

“The Shaka want to know if you want to Launch it’s fighter squadrons.” Ryan
“And the Ship empties the Toilets.”

“Leon Chen gets his rhino out and runs away.”

“Madam, I need you to find a safe place..a closet or something” 911 talking to Danica.

“No Touchy My Monkey!” Chelle

“They look at each other and say..Really? Life Support?” About the enemies choice of what system to shut down on the ship to stop us.

“The Building is being polite and stopping our fire.” Aaron

“Land the ship, land the ship, land the ship..<repeating>” Ryan

“Are you going to Cau de’ gra Leon Chen.” Ryan as GM
“Um..No” Dave
“I like the fact that he paused.” Ryan

“It followed us, Can we keep it?” about Leon Chen’s Rhino.

“I Fire at the Truck.” Kevin using the spaceship’s turret.
“Awesome!” Ryan

“When it’s over the zoo, it’s more like wild kingdom.” Ryan

“Fuck following the white light..Here have a grenade.” Danica about dying

“They’re touching my monkey!”
“Did you bring your monkey to the zoo.”
“Did you botch?”
“You didn’t just kill him?”
“No, but he could have amputated his leg.”
“Vasoline First!”

“I was intending it as a have some Truck on Truck Action!” Kevin

“So their EK has been Neb-ulized.” Dave making a pun about the Spaceship running down the bad guys.
“Oh Look, wolves. They look kinder.” As the bad guys jump off the roof to avoid the Spaceship.

“You need to make the grenades chocolate coated..They go down easier.”

“Do we have a Tractor Beam.”
“I AM a tractor beam.” Kevin about his character.


Jim: Something big has left the building.
Aaron: Elvis has left the building.

Chelle: What did you trip over your own two feet?
Kim: I rolled a 2.
Chelle: You were so happy to see combat you had to wipe away a tear.
Chelle & Kim: Thunk

Ryan as Leon: These minds are even more disturbed than usual.
Kim: We found the mental ward.
Kevin: Knutz!

Chelle to Dave: Did you and Danica switch brains?
Kevin: Brains!

Chelle: I think that I may have cannon envy.

Ryan: He’s the reinforcement. When CC starts to tumble like the space frozen monkey treat that he likes to be.
Dave: Well I need to upgrade from Target to Warrior:

Aaron: Watch & she’ll get a total success.
Jessie: Do I get a experience point?
Ryan: Absolutin.
Kevin: You can buy another specialty.

Jim: Fire on Do
Ryan: That’s the worse way to bake bread.
Jim: Now if CC threw a ruffie in there we would really be baking bread.
Aaron: Then we would be frying CC

Ryan: I don’t like killing characters.
Jessie: That’s why I’m here!

Chelle: Six successes on seven dice.
Ryan: Jesus Christ!
Chelle: I occasionally channel Kim.

Aaron: There I marked it.
Chelle: That door.
Aaron: Its marked clearly.

Jim: Everyone seal their suites, Rochelle blow the door.
Chelle: That was my plan. High five (turns to Jim with a closed fist, Jim turns to Chelle with an open hand. Jim then closes his fist, Chelle opens her hand, and they switch again, then actually they manage a high five).

Ryan: Do you have common sense?
Kevin: Yes
Ryan: As a merit?
Kevin: No

Chelle: We need to upgrade these so that when you throw them at someone they wrap around.
Kevin: I’ll get right on that as soon as I can enchant with magic rope.

Chelle: Between the Monkey King & I, we have nine successes.
Dave: The Monkey King makes an image on top of it & starts miming spanking it! What the Monkey King would totally do that.

Aaron: If I have to spend the whole trip back, slapping the lizard I will
Jim: So your spanking the lizard?
Aaron: Yep, I’m spanking the lizard silly

Jessie: I’m using a willpower
Ryan: What are you going to use it for tomorrow?
Jessie: I’m trying to suicide here!

Ryan: Leon Chen is slightly disgruntled that he can’t beat off.
Chelle: {snickers}
Jim: {pats Chelle’s shoulder} My mind went there too
Chelle: Now I don’t feel dirty.
Dave: Isn’t he banging Danica?
Ryan: Not right NOW he isn’t.

Ryan as Marzdon: You have my telepath. All rightly then, big boy.
Chelle: I didn’t know that they sung that way.
Ryan: Well after some any days, you know.
Dave: They are all gay in the Navy.
Chelle: My friend says, An ass is an ass, is an ass & a mouth is a mouth is a mouth.
Jim: Not to me.
Chelle: Are you speaking from experience?
Jim: NO
Ryan: And if he did would he tell you?
Aaron: So, if a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass, I still prefer pussy.
Jim: Me too
Ryan: How did we get on this topic?

Chelle: The froggy attacks the door,
Jessie: The Crymatic
Kim: The Froggie
Jessie: Crymatic
Kim: Froggie
Chelle: The phone is in the fish tank.

Chelle: You can take Marzdon to his ship.
Dave. You can take him to their ship.
Aaron: Aw, ship

Dave: So the infirmary is you closet?
Jim: No, it Fiest’s closet, he needs to find a new closet in the ship sized closet
Kim: The Bridge?
Dave: Closet inside closet inside a closet
Jessie: He’s Matroyska closeting

Ryan: and a mole, and a mole and a mole
Dave: Your playing whack a mole
Chelle: Your whacking a frog
Jessie: There are frogs everywhere

Jim: I think the frog just croaked.
Kevin: I was ribbited by the joke

Jessie: {mimes the snoring Crymatic {opens & Closes chest cavity})
Dave: That’s creepy
Ryan: This coming from Creepy Creepy
Dave: That’s quality Creepy

Ryan: Aidema is flaking out a little
Kevin: you can get a cream for that

Ryan: Fiest really likes you
Jim: He gives her his contact information, such as it is
Jessie: Do you give her you clipboard
Ryan: The she could find him anywhere
Jim: then yes

Chelle: I give Fiest the coordinates to the dark spot
Ryan: Its like telling the most beautiful woman where the most foul smelling port a potty in the world is
Jim: But sometimes you need to tell someone the wrong place as a rejection
Ryan: You know if you flip overt the lythian & fly it over another ship, not to mention that ship would be freaking out, is just poop flavored icing on the cake

Jim: Did anyone else see Episode 1. And is getting the same feeling from the screen with the two Jedi’s?
Kim: I’ve got a bad feeling about this
Jim: So are we having the green gas. Do we have gas?
Ryan: No

Ryan as Hector: Sorry of this CC & Rochelle but I need you to sign the non-disclosure document
Dave: If I sign this, its only about you William Renton?
Ryan as William Renton: Yes.
Chelle: So you’re a secret?
Ryan: That so has to go on quotes.
Kim: I can’t write that fast!!!
Kevin whispers: Don’t tranq him!!

Ryan as Renton: So lets be clear.
Mayor: No, I’m a porter.
Aaron: {points to Crys} No, that’s the clear!

Sang, les grenouilles et les Typhons émotionnelle

+ We open the Door

+ Weapons fire fills the hallway beyond immediately.

+ Cristobal sees on the ship sensors that the station has launched an unknown probe type object.

+ Rochelle growls to herself in french since all of the station’s systems seem to be independent rather than integrated. {_Why would they do that? It’s so inefficient. {_pause for banana sign language_}I know it works better against people like us, but aliens are supposed to be MORE technologically advanced not less._}

+ The launched object is either a screaming “help me!” alarm or a really loud advertisement. {_Yes I know the advertisement option is unlikely Monkey, but I don’t speak Lightblasteese… light bright… chromatical… whatever, you know what I mean._}

^+ COMBAT ^+
  • Wu activates his flying ability and pulls up a fire resistance aura.
  • Wei steps forward and pulls out his Goop Bazooka! {_I kid you not Monkey this thing was HUGE you should have seen it. I had Bazooka envy._} He fires goo down the dark laser lit hallway and it spreads like an oozy cloud. He possibly snags two of the chromatics.
  • What seems to be a line of chromatics open with troublingly accurate laser fire. They score Danica’s armored body with a solid hit and singe C.C. as well.
  • C.C. Takes to the ceiling and dodges through the open door and to the nearby corner making room for others.
  • Leung calmly says over the radio channel from the ship that the minds here are Very disturbed even for the usually fanatic Chromatics.
  • Wu replies, “Awwww…. Nuts.” {_It is very bad to giggle in combat Monkey. I nearly lost my psychic connection with the station… But I must say it still makes me snicker._}
  • More chromatic fire lights up the dark hallway spotlighting the uplifted form of C.C. and really doing some serious trauma to him.
  • Danica Fires a smoke grenade into the hallway with all her maniacally acquired skill.
  • Rochelle and The Monkey King arm wrestle the alien security system into submission after some quick xenocryptology. {_You know Monkey we should write a paper on some of what we’ve learned since I imagine we are nearing the forefront of those who have successfully integrated with the alien tech. We seem to be getting into a lot of firefights and I would hate for what we’ve learned to be lost instead of going to aid those who could use it. {_serious ooking_} Yes I promise you will get co author credit, although what you would do with royalties I shudder to think._} The security system is at least tied in with several other systems although of course not all of them.
  • Danica kicks off the door in the low G and attempts to tackle a chromatic. {_You should have seen it Monkey. She glomped him like an Otaku Fan girl._} Then she bounces off him and into the smokey hallway.
  • Wei fires his Goop Bazooka!TM into the dark and smokey hallway once more hopefully ensnaring yet more chromatic security.
  • Wu ducks into the hallway and fires off a solid shot with his sonic carbine. Seeming to do some reasonable damage.
  • Do flies forward and strikes the same chromatic in the throat with her elbow launching him on his tumbling way down the dark hallway.
  • Two of the chromatics fire at C.C. but the shots seem ineffective. Another chromatic fires point blank at Do but somehow still manages to miss. A third tracks Danica through the smoke and lights her up with laser blast but she manages to stay conscious.
  • C.C. changes his action for a daring rescue. He kicks off the ceiling swoops down the hallway, grabs Danica, kicks off the chest of another chromatic and tows her back through our doorway. {_It was like the old talkies of superman. It was an impressive moment believe me Monkey. Worthy of vid footage._}
  • The Big chromatic fires on Do and thumps her solidly with his laser.
  • Wei tells Leung to keep the mind of the warrior and he will go for bigger fish. Then he fires his Goop Bazooka!TM down the hallway once more. {_Don’t worry Monkey I wouldn’t trade you for a Goop Bazooka tm…. Now two of them….. {_flings bananas and digital poo ooking loudly_} KIDDING!! KIDDING!!… Come on, Your intent is better than that! -laugh-_}
  • The chromatics (or chromies as they’re called by us now) in the goo have two different reactions. One falls asleep. {_Thanks to Leung Chen. You know Monkey maybe we should encourage him to write a paper for telepaths too. How to manipulate the alien mind._} The second chromie self immolates.
  • Two of the other chromies in the hallway draw a bead and fire on the badly injured Do. She tries an amazing dodge rotating across three axis but can only manage to outwit one blast. The other one kicks her solidly in the torso with a sizzle/thump that can be heard all the way back to us. She barely manages to stay conscious. That girl. This is what We get for having a relationship with a psycho. Hey! Freaking Out Over Here! But what can I do Monkey. She’s a Psycho. It’s who she is. And cloning technology just isn’t up to snuff yet… We need too work on that. Put it on The List._}
  • Danica heals C.C. as they float outside the hallway door.
  • Wu flies across the doorway and nails one of the chromies with his sonic carbine. He fires again before going to cover on the other side of the door and the sonic waves pump into chromie flesh vibrating them on a frequency alien to any carbon based lifeforms doing very reasonable damage.
  • C.C. gets out the special restraining system we brought along.
  • Rochelle finds the location of the chromatics nonlethal box but has to warn of 14 minutes to reinforcements flying back in.
  • One of the chromatics fires at Do again frying blood, flesh, and vac suit together. Do still manages to stay conscious.
  • Do grabs an unconscious chromie and heads back to the ship. The unconscious alien starts to wake.
  • C.C. attempts to slap restraints on the chromie as Do flies by.
  • Danica tries to heal herself and fails, Knocking herself unconscious and she floats gently in low G.
  • Wei shouts for Rochelle to open a particular door.
  • Leung turns on the weapons of the Mutt and helps Wei.
  • Wu jumps into the doorway once more and fires twice at one of “The Frogs”. “Fuck You, Bang.” Then he fires again but misses.
  • The chromies run into the hanger after their frog napped team mate. {_You know it’s one of the noble thing about the aliens. They’re not afraid to chase into the “unknown” to get back a comrade. No chromatic left behind. I always wonder what they are afraid of. Then again. An alien captured by our society? They are right to be afraid._}
  • Wei jumps up to the door that he told Rochelle to open earlier.
  • Do has a brilliant idea and jumps both herself and the groggy chromatic into the cell on the mutt designed to hold them and shuts herself in with the prisoner. {_Ook?}{_Because it’s designed to stop their laser fire so she’s stuck with one groggy alien with a wall of armored laser resistant material between them and the four alert laser firing froggies pounding up the ramp behind her._}{_Oooook.}
  • C.C. Ducks around the corner of the in ship cell and prepares to try to trap the chromies.
  • Wu shoots at one of the chromies and hits it solidly but doesn’t knock it out. He then grabs Danica and pulls up a TK bubble around them and flies the two of them towards the upper entrance into the ship.
  • Rochelle tries to pop the energy cores out of the alien bio-ware but it unsuccessful.
  • The chromies fire up at Wu but manage to Sear the unconscious Danica instead waking her in a wash of heated pain.
  • One of the chromies runs to the door his comrade disappeared behind and pokes at the lock. Failing that he begins to claw furiously at the door.
  • Christobal relays to everyone to be ready for the big hangar doors to blow.
  • Rochelle pulls up the hood of her suit and blows the hangar doors emergency protocols.
  • Danica ducks her abused body into the main door hops into a jump seat and begins to heal herself.
  • C.C. jumps around the corner at the chromie attacking the door. He tries to restrain him and toss him up into an adjoining cell but is unsuccessful.
  • Wu flies into the refurbished cargo bay of the mutt and pulls one of the chromies into his TK bubble. He attempts to tranqu him.
  • The two chromies who followed their comrade into the ship self immolate as the vacuum begins to take hold.
  • Wei shouts along the radio that he is on the way with a prisoner.
  • The prisoner with Do tries to self immolate. Do tries to distract by thumping it in the head. It does seem to distract it and the energy it was building up is sucked away.
  • Leung waits eagerly at the gunnery station to “shoot something”.
  • Wei forces the struggling chromatic towards the ship but clips the doorway and starts tumbling out to space with his captive.
  • Rochelle and The Monkey King dominate the system of the only chromatic ship left, but it has no fuel which is why it’s still here. {_Pic of the monkey king riding the alien ship like a wild cowboy._} Rochelle is sucked towards the ship by the escaping atmosphere but smacks into it badly.
  • Wei says “Faster would be better, I’m almost spent.” Then he fires his shrieker into the bubble containing the struggling prisoner.
  • Do maintains her prisoner in the enclosed cell.
  • Danica moves forward and jumps into the copilot’s seat.
  • Christobal starts the ship moving smoothly and skillfully.
  • C.C. shifts to try to better contain the prisoner. He tries to manhandle him unsuccessfully into the restraints.
  • The chromatic self immolates.
  • Wu flies out of the back of the mutt. C.C. shouts “Get Rochelle!” to which Rochelle responds “No! Get Wei!” Wu swoops out and grabs Wei and the chromatic hustling them into the closing ship.
  • Rochelle muscles herself into the cargo bay by sheer willpower alone.
  • In the distance Christobal spots the reinforcements.
  • Do and Wu secure the new prisoner. Christobal hits the accelerator.
  • The Fighters try to follow us into the debris field but our pilots are more talented and we begin to leave them behind.
    But they continue to follow doggedly in our footsteps.
  • Leung was trying to fire on them as they followed us but hits only rock.
  • We ride ten hours of “The Awful Train”. {_Our pilots are fabulous they spent the next ten hours dodging debris and asteroids and completely freaking out the m.i.s.s.u.s. But their last spine wrenching spleen chewing completely out of whack maneuver does lead the last following fighter straight into an asteroid. That was pretty cool._}
  • Christobal checks the radar and finds it clear.
^+ Combat Ends ^^+

+ Christobal decides to ride the debris field rather than risking the radiation poisoning we washed through on the way out.

+ Christobal agrees to catch some much needed ZZZZZ’s. Danica does some healing.

+ Wu and Do take over piloting the ship. Although they have to pry Danica out of the copilot chair with the pry bars of logic and a couple mild threats. {_I know I suggested it Monkey but they wouldn’t let you pilot. I don’t know why. Maybe we should get you some of your own air time._}

+ Christobal has to be tranqued to get some sleep but we do that.

+ Christobal takes over after his 8 hours of tranqu.

+ Wu checks on the prisoners. One is unconscious and the second is softly glowing and rocking, possibly singing to himself?

+ There were listening devices pointed at our stations all over their section of space.

+ Christobal takes over at the pilot’s helm and heads the mutt to the
Karou Mining Colony.

+ Wu sleeps peaceful.

+ The Feint was a total success with some minor ship damage on our side but no casualties.

+ Marsden proved out his reputation. He was able to draw out the Chromatics and pulled them into the frigates weapons several times. However there was minimal damage on the chromatic side as well.

+ Shakka won’t be ready to leave for 30-40 hours.

+ We arrive at Karou. The people are quite happy with Marsden and Aiadima contacts us. We let them know that we have two alien prisoners and are directed to the specially built cells.

+ Since we have the time before Shakka winds up we decides to use the facilities here at Karou.

+ Danica requests RX help for the injured.

+ C.C. goes back to looking like an attractive young man.

+ We take the chromatics to the cells. We lock their restraints into a specially built unit in the walls. We decide to keep them in the restraints.

+ We are encouraged to sleep and rest recharge our clocks a little. Since we have time while Shakka is being worked on Marsden wants to start the first interrogation of the prisoner right away. We recommend starting with the mad scientist/priest type madman since they have already questioned some warrior types.

+ Wei wants to look at someone else for a while. {_We have spent a lot of time together and I guess he’s not that used to it. He should get some HUD goggles and a good vr game. That might help solve the problem. Maybe some of that botanical porn Leung seems to like so well. Speaking of which Monkey. I wonder how our stealth porn is doing while we’re away. It seems a curious experiment for us. But fun._}

+ Leung’s avatar says he doesn’t want to see any faces ever again. Do blindfolds him and Danica leads him off laughing.

+ Wu goes off for a drink and some sleep.

+ Christobal eats and catches up to his date the lovely clear of the Shakka.

+ Rochelle goes to see some engineers about her micro grappling hook and starts the Monkey King on attempting to analyze the downloaded information from the alien station.

+ [color=green]?? Gets the data node info on the teleporter time ??

+ Wu rounds up everyone in the morning. The mining colony has created a device that allows the telepath so share his perceptions with others.

+ The warrior woke during the night and had to be sedated. The other has been extremely docile. He is possibly blind perhaps due to radiation damage. {_Can you imagine , Monkey? In a race that communicates with light it’s like being struck blind and deaf at the same time. Imagine.

+ We go to the 10th cell where there are 12 crowns set around a conference table. This is the bio-tech machine for sharing a telepath’s perception.

+ Christobal and Danica decide not to participate.

+ Do and Danica get the prisoner and bring him to interrogation. Leung and Wei begin to psychically link with the chromatic and the crown.

+ Danica scans the alien and finds a lot of radiation damage. She wisely decides not to do anything about it at this time.

^+ We dive into the Alien’s Awareness ^+

^ There is a sense of self that is not yourself. A sense of confusion. There is Wonder and Awe. There is a decision to o looking for memories and a violent reaction to that decision. The alien has no weapons so he mentally yells at what he recognizes as “Tainters”, creatures welling up from the darkness. There is a flow of rage and revenge feelings. ^

^ The mind is so very alien. Chromatics are nearly telepathic in their own speech and can give another chromatic an experience in full like the other chromatic had actually been there in person. They can generate their own holographics.^

^ We go through some memories of the alien some of the creature himself, some that have been shared with him. ^

^ There are a myriad of strange lights in his mind, abstract and twisting figures. ^

^ Wei seems to be the lead. He inserts, provokes, asks a question. “What do you know about Earth and Humanity?” ^

^ There are clusters of memories like shards of broken glass. Concepts are the keys to the clusters. {_It’s so eerily familear, Monkey. It’s almost like Organic Data Nodes_} ^

^ C.C. sees it like a plan for a con or a job. ^

^ Do sees pure energy. ^

^ There are two major clusters of concepts connected to the concept of Earth. ^

^ Wei reaches towards one with curiosity. ^

^ We fall into holographic awareness of memories only a few weeks old.

^ We get displays and flashes of grainy images.

^ We are aware of a large thick black on black manta ray style ship. It’s like the mother ship from the recent chromatic attack on earth.

^ It hangs in space over a redish brown planet.

^ More Flashes

^ A ship leaving the shield towards the pulsar. It feels familiar as if he was on the ship but it left us here at the enclave.

^ When he arrived the cellular radiation damage was already done so what we see recently was shared with him by others so he knows.

^ His ship brought supplies to the enclave they were brought in with him and he was left there with them.

^ There is a flash of religious awe. He’s gazing at the pulsar in such depth and with such fervor that he destroyed his eyes willingly as a sacrifice to his God. The Voice of Light.

^ Conflict in the nebula. Chaotic images jumbled with fabrications and other images out of time past.

^ We see Aberrant from an alien viewpoint. They are unstoppable, coming out of the darkness and terrifying you and those you know until you are just awash with hatred.

^ Flashes of overwhelming light and revelation. Luminous Beings! Gods of Power and Wisdom come and show hot to resist this horror. Because of their teachings they know that all humans are Corruptors and Tainters. They are Beasts of Great Darkness.

^ The chromatics think of themselves as the People, " True Thinking Creatures"

^ They haven’t met any other alien races.

^ The Gods came in time of great need.

^ Aberrant came from the Darkness and the Cold of Space]/i]. All things in Human shape are corruptors.

^ The alien mind is awash in gratitude and dedication. He has such awe for the idea of the Gods.

^ The chromatic realizes that he used to be part of the listening post but it is also a Church to watch the Face of God. He used to be a scientist and astronomer.

^ This person only wanted to be a “Witness”, (speaker for the Gods) and remembers them being given the knowledge to make wondrous devices. (Our tech)

^ There are rapid flashes of bio-tech designs and tools. It’s all exclusively bio-tech no hard tech at all.

^ The Bodiless Ones returned and warned that a new force of creatures would grieve if the people acted quickly enough and use these tools. Then the chromatics could capture these new creatures.

^ More flashes of the chromatics holding Harnesses and binding humans into those harnesses.

^ A flash goes through the crown as a voice says, “Upeo!” (teleporters)

^ The memory of the harness capture feels about five years ago around the time of the vanishing.

^ It seems like the chromatics have been holding the human teleporters captive for five years!

^ Thoughts focus on the Bodiless Ones… where the home world is… aberrant… things begin to jumble and overlap. Fabrications start to factor in. Not sure how the fabrications got in there.

^ The Bodiless themselves brought Chromatic warriors here to the crab specifically to assault the tormentors. (us)

^ This chromatic thinks of the Nebula as the threshold of where Gods live. Outside of the threshold is Darkness and Cold Terror.

^ The warriors armed themselves and attacked Karou. mining colony.

^ This particular chromatic was still on his home world for the past couple years, all memories of the battles are “hearsay”.

^ Memories of home and the world. Wei goes after memories of the home world but because of he’s aware of the tormentors we see teleporters on the chromatics home world in bio-harnesses being poked and prodded and eviscerated until the Gods said that they were too valuable to kill.

^ This chromatic participated in those experiments but only on the outside because he’s a priest. He’s not sure what they were trying to accomplish with the experiments.

^ One goal must have been to control the Upeo’s power.

^ Violent Memory Jump ^

^ Red Brown Home Planet with the glow going away fast at the view port on the ship. Biorganic fighters are with you as the view spins and we see familiar manta Ray mother Ships; Jump Ships.

^ Fighters streak to the ship and we see him leave his home planet.

^ Fear… Excitement… Adventure… The Mother Ship fills the view but the chromatic looks away to focus on LOTS of manta Rays and Swarms of biofighter as well as fat bottomed transports. It seems to be an entire fleet.

^ Emotionally overwhelmed he turns back with pride. He is going to destroy the Tormentors Ah the Glory. A ship has gone ahead to scout and confirm then the fleet will leap as one.

^ The emotions are very intense.

  • The alien pulls away as we try to ease away from his mind.
  • Danica tranqus the alien.
  • Negamba is worked up.
  • Danica tries to “soothe” the party.
  • Do suggests Hooking a clear to the crown set up to see if they can locate the chromatic’s home world.
  • All those participating are thirsty and have headaches.
  • Marsden is cussing “Goddamn Warpers”.
  • Negamba announced she is a “Warper.” She has been in hiding because her Proxy asked her to. Two of her assistants turn their backs on her and leave.
  • Marsden goes off on a rant about Warpers going into hiding and abandoning us when humanity needed them.
  • Danica calms him down.
  • C.C. asks the Mayor how long the Proxy asked her to hide.
  • Negamba says there was a lot of tension between the orders. It felt as if they were being enslaved even by the other orders. She was told by her Proxy that the other orders had officially voted to take “Control” of their order in 2114. She was told that Norsca had developed technology that could keep them from teleporting.
  • Negamba states that they thought the Esperanza crises was a trap to get them all together so that they could be collared en masse. So they fled.
  • Negamba was already here and was told not to return to Earth by her proxy. There were supply stops by other teleporters for a while but there was no communication with Earth.
  • Marsden and the Mayor are on opposite sides. Marsden thunders that thousands have died for lack of teleporters. The Mayor tries to keep the focus on the fact that the teleporters are being held against their will by an alien race, that they are being enslaved. That her proxy told her that the Earth was safe enough without them.
  • Marsden says slavery doesn’t matter! {_Seriously? Is he even thinking about what he’s spouting? Perhaps he’s too busy being righteously indignant about the teleporters “abandonment” of Earth that his brain stomped working. Slavery is Always an issue to be concerned with. I don’t like him very much._}
  • Marsden wants to drag Negamba back to Earth in chains.
  • We point out the logical problems with that.
  • Negamba wants to rescue the enslaved Upeo just as passionately as Marsden wants to drag her off back to Earth. She offers to teleport the ship back to Earth while her two underlings take over for the colony. She feels her aide is more than competent to run things.
^ Psychic Backlash ^
  • It’s a wave coming from the direction of the Pulsar. It doesn’t have the same pain signature as the Jump Ship but no one is sure.
  • The Chromatic restraints fail in the backlash and the awake Warrior starts to tear through his cell door by claw alone.
  • Wu, Rochelle, and a legionnaire run to the tormented door and position themselves to put the Monster back to sleep as soon as he pokes through.
  • C.C. is running to hit the general alarm.
  • Marsden is heading to the Shakka and getting in touch with his ship by com.
  • Wu stabs the frog with a tranqu but the chromatic seems resistant.
  • Leung confuses the chromatic as Rochelle tries to stun him and succeeds.
  • Legionaries ask Wu[/color if they can shoot it now. He says, “No.”
  • Fatama heads to her post.
  • Christobal on the Shakka gets his date to the infirmary and is going to general quarters as alarms echo through the ship.
  • Do has been knocked sideways by the psychic feedback and is still unconscious.
  • The chromatic … twitches.
  • Rochelle watches the chromatic and triggers he psy to listen to what’s going on around her.
  • One legionnaire locks himself in the cell with the unconscious priest/scientist/madman.
  • The stunned chromatic succumbs to the tranqu finally, still twitching.
  • The Shakka disengages with Marsden on board.
  • Christobal sees nothing even with the sensor package.
  • Wei who was also knocked for a loop by the backlash rolls over and struggles to his hands and knees.
  • C.C. reaches the emergency locations. Nadema lets people know that a possible raid or attack is ongoing. It’s quite a moving yet very polished speech.
  • The locals are amazing good at it… sadly…
  • Danica pulls into consciousness.
  • The group still in the conference room begins to stand.
  • Rochelle asks for a report from the group over her implanted radio.
  • Wu says we have restrained the chromatics but we should get together and head for the Shakka.
  • Christobal says we will have to board by shuttle.
  • We agree that the chromatics should be brought along. It’s too risky to leave them here.
  • Negama leads us to the shuttles and the legionaries bring the chromatics.
  • We all converge on the shuttle.
  • Negama wants to know if the karou is under attack. We explain that the psychic feedback didn’t feel exactly the same. There was no broken scraping screams it was like a swell in the ocean.
  • We get on the shuttle.
  • After an hour of high alert with no sign of attack the Psions are still nervous.
  • Wei says we don’t know when those ships seen in the telepathic interrogation will go. What happens if that feeling was those ships jumping through this point.
  • The feedback wave was different. Christobal says it felt as though someone was taking something by force. He thinks it may be from something other than the chromatics.
  • Leung suggests that we check with the astronomers to see if they’ve seen any signs of unusual activity or if it could just be an odd burst from the nebula.
  • Do asks the Mayor if there was a jump ship nearby did she feel anything?
  • Negama says that they get weird phenomena all the time but this felt different.
  • Danica asks if she needs downtime between teleports. Suggests that when someone jumps that it takes days between jumps.
  • C.C apologizes to Negama about the enslavement of the Upeo and promises to stand with her to get her people free; even if it means standing against his own Proxy. {_What? Where did this come from all of a sudden? I mean I know he’s soft hearted, Monkey, and likes to take care of people but really? Is there background we don’t know about that’s prompting this? Maybe he just needs to sleep off the stress._}
  • Christobal comes back from the astronomers and says that the pulsar and shield are quiet as well as the chromatics. There’s no sign of anything odd.
  • Wei says “Are we going back?”
  • Leung takes C.C. to tell Marsden that perhaps we should let Mayor Negama jump the Shakka Back.
  • We need to pick up Neiger before we head back.
  • Christobal is filled in on the Mayor’s situation.
  • Once everything is situated we head for a safe distance with the quiet Tessers.
  • The trip out is short and almost eerily quiet.
  • Mayor Negama says that there will be no backlash with jumping.
  • Leung catches Christobal up.
  • We watch mayor almost easily jump the entire ship. There is mild disorientation. it’s an unsettling eternity in an instant.
    Shakka’s clear is clearly a little disgruntled to be relegated to a secondary sensory position beside the teleporter.
  • {_I don’t think she has to worry very much. As far as we know there’s only one available teleporter. But I must say… Wow! Seeing an actual warper work is something I never thought I’d live to see Monkey. It was so very kewl._}
  • Return to Earth took less than half the time of the trip out. We were surfing the sub-quantum for only 40 hours.
  • We jump in outside of Lunar Orbit. There is no sign of a Chromatic armada or even a scout.
  • The 7th Legion freaks out a bit since they were not expecting us and the Shakka identifies herself.
  • Mayor Negama says she’s definitely out of practice.
  • The 7th Legion escorts us to earth.
  • Marsden says wen they are close that the legion can take us all to Aeon so that Mayor Negama can be protected.
  • Us, Mayor Negama, and Wei are going to Chicago and Aeon headquarters.
  • Hector is on the roof of Aeon with Proteus security. He’s glad to see us and is concerned.
  • We go inside to secure briefing rooms. We are all put in the same room.
  • Hector congratulates us on a successful mission of bring in live aliens. He’s not sure why Mayor is here though.
  • Mayor Negama explains that she’s a “Warper”.
  • Hector flushes white. {_Very odd to see on a man of Hispanic decent, Monkey. I think at that point we became part of Hector’s Nightmare. He must feel as if we are the Tiger he has the tail of. He has to keep guessing which way we will jump and try to put out the fires at the same time. I’ve heard it’s customary to give someone a gift at times of stress like these. Perhaps a muffin basket? Make a note to research that, Monkey._} He interrupts and excuses himself to get someone of a higher security clearance.
  • Wei says it’s a bureaucracy thing. We’ve jumped his pay grade.
  • After a few minutes Hector comes back with a very dapper Caucasian man. he has calm brown eyes, dark hair and warm skin. His face seems young.
  • Hector says, "This is William Renton and before I go any further, C.C. and Rochelle need to sign a non disclosure form about him.
  • Mr. Renton s the director and head of the Proteus division, which does not exist on paper.
  • Renton projects easy acceptance and puts a clunky mini comp on the table which will record and block eavesdropping. Sorry if it ruins our own recordings.
  • Hector says Ms. Negama is a “Warper”. He followed her career himself but had no idea of her secret.
  • We get the “You are all fine and successful, thank you.” speech.
  • Mayor Negama stresses that the rest of the Warpers are being held captive and we need to rescue them. They were looking for the chromatic home world when they were captured. She doesn’t now how many were looking.
  • Renton asks if all are being held or if they are complicit.
  • We point out our information that the first jump ship was just a scout and then we fill him in on what we learned from the telepaths interrogation of the chromatic fanatic.
  • “They believe we are all aberrant?” “Yes. The whole race seems to feel that way about us.”
  • He debriefs us quite successfully going over points many times to make sure he understands them from all angles and pulling out all of our individual experiences. How many ships did we see. What did the harnesses look like. Were there any defining characteristics of the planet itself, and so on.
  • When we finish the debriefing he seems to think for a minute. The he looks up and says, that Aeon’s leaders think in the long term and try to allow room for changes. However, Aeon tries to control the chaos. The recent Huang/Marr project was unforeseen but handle able. The Chromatics are a complete surprise. We need time. Time to prepare a defense that won’t make things worse later. All your actions that relate will be important. you succeeded beyond our wildest dreams but we need for forestall premature action. We have memories of when failure to plan caused catastrophe. Huang/Marr will keep them busy while we formulate a plan.
    We sent you to Karou. to get you out of the way while we handle the repercussions of the Huang/Mar project. The info you brought can be used to control the chaos. We can not allow Humanity to plunge back into complete chaos. Inner Order Turmoil if it’s true can’t com out now.
  • He doesn’t think there is an immediate threat but we need to stop/plan/and work it out. It’s all going to be quiet.
  • Mayor Negama says “We have to Warn the World!”
  • William says we need to figure out how to handle it first.
  • C.C. reminds William that the chromatics were after more than just scouting.
  • William says “Obviously the source could be wrong.”
  • C.C. says obviously they know where we are.
  • William says telling the world will only generate more chaos.
  • Wei cries, “No! You must act! It could be any moment. We felt the backlash!” He will not be party to an Aeon coverup.
  • Hector points out all our success so far has been cautious and guarded and to make sure that the guilty are punished.
  • Do points out that Mass Panic doesn’t help anything fast. It only contributes to mob mentality which won’t get anything done.
  • Wei says “Attack! Right Away!”
  • We all point out that we don’t know where the home planet is located.
  • He returns that the prisoner does. He also points out that their “Gods” could move them on their own. They have before. Teleporters aren’t the only carriage in that one horse town. {_I know that’s not what he said Monkey. But it was getting really stressful in that room with all the shouting and exclamation marks. And we stayed up late last night downloading that “Wild West” vid._}
  • Christobal wonders how the teleporters were captured in the first place by the chromatics?
  • Negama doesn’t know.
  • Wei says that not acting now would be madness!
  • There is more shouting and demands and ultimatums… none of which is delivered by the Aeon side of things. {_Of course it’s easy to be calm and collected when you are dealing from an upper hand. there’s only one teleporter and you have her here. You have political and cash based oomph and they came to you. Of course it’s not your brother/sister/best friend/proxy you saw through some aliens mind as they were being enslaved and dissected. So many complicated levels; so many slippery and jagged emotions._}
  • Mayor Negama jumps up from the table stating that it’s a trap and she can’t teleport out of here! {_What?!? What’s going on?_}
  • William says yes and he is acting in the best interest of humanity. {_The Norsca tech to block teleporters? It’s real and it’s here in Aeon HQ despite the fact that there haven’t been teleporters around for 5 years? Hector was only gone for a couple minutes?!? I don’t like the implications of that, Monkey._}
  • Negama vehemently states “I can’t be a part of this! I’m Leaving! I’m going to get the word out to the people!”
  • William tells her she can not leave the room. {_Prisoner now to? I understand the logic behind not wanting her to panic the world but this is not the best way to go about preventing that._}
  • Christobal says, “Quiet Action”.
  • Mayor Negama is physically prevented from leaving the room by the guards outside.
  • C.C. extends a finger to try to turn off the clunky mini comp in the center of the table.
  • Wei does a surprising ninja leap kick and kills the clunky piece of outdated looking tech.
  • Mayor Negama, C.C., Wei, and Leung all disappear. {_Leung too? Another one out of left field. What did all our telepaths get corrupted in the untried crown sharing machine? I mean between a fanatic on one side and someone who’s been running on paranoia for half a decade I suppose it could flood anyone’s buffers. Although that doesn’t explain C.C.. I don’t understand how they could betray us like this Monkey. I don’t understand how telepaths could think that causing a world wide panicking riot would be for the best? Some of the most cautious members of our group (save Cristobal but he’s an extreme case) and they’re swept along by the Mayor? They weren’t even logical arguments. They were all passion and paranoia and exploding. Ugh. Now I need a banana… and a tequila chaser…]
  • William and Hector look at the rest of us who are still sitting at the table and guesses that the rest of us are willing to be reasonable.
  • Aeon mobilizes their spin and response immediately. They research the Mayor and release the Proteus hounds to look out for the “rebels”.
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