Canned Space Ham

Quotes from Last game of 2010

“The Secret has left the room.” Danica/Kim.

“At least he was on the right planet this time.” Ryan about Hector.

“If there is not a gun pointed at us we don’t seem to succeed as well” Do Rae Mi.
“Well, It’s pointed at us.” Rochell.

“I’m Raina Drain.” GM
“Of course you are.” Do
“I’m Raina Drain and you’re all wet.” Christol Bol

“Organic Hacking?” Dave
“With a Chainsaw” Kevin
“Hey, That is my Medulla Oblongata.” Ryan
“Someone Photo-shopped it.” Kevin

“Should Title it: Confusion Porn.” Ryan as random bystander about Stealth Porn.

“We are going to have to set in public.” Unknown
“Chameleon Condoms.” Kevin.
“When you really have to have an Invisible penis.” Chelle

“How do you know if the blinker on the car is going if the car is stolen.” Ryan.

“Carpe Neglije’” Jessi

“Dampening Field!”
“I like Anchor Field, When you do the notes you can name things.” Chelle

“One Telepath please. Male.” Jessi
“Ok, McMind to go!” Dave

“Hector can get hazard pay.” Chelle
“He will get hazard pay for being in the same country as us.” Aaron.

“A Younger Version of a MUTT.” Kevin
“It’s a Puppy.”

“You have an hour. In that time you can…” Ryan as GM
“Order Chinese.” Chelle
“Do they have Chinese <food> in Africa?”
“You Delete the Urgent Message.”

“Just Domestic Violence, My Girlfriend is pissed.”

“The nice thing is that he has a clear..Psionic Template in mind.”

“So in absence of a closet..Dufflebag?” Dave
“Actually, The Back seat fo the vehicle.” Jim

“Great. We have the Kidnapper Van.” Chris

“We ARE Humanity’s Destiny, Turn left ahead.” Ryan as Aberrant voice for a Navigation device.

“Where are my Grenades?!” Danica
“We have established this, In the Medkit.”

“We are lucky we didn’t find him in the middle of the insect exibit.” Random comment about CC

“Oh wait who am I going with..I’m putting on the good Jacket.” Rameriz’s Thoughts as he dons his armored suit.

“Hey, Look a Naked Girl. I can see it can’t you.” Kevin as Cristobal about distracting the enemy.

“Hector is not at a pay grade to deal with this.”
“Hostile Monkeys in combat armor, No.”

“Leon Chen is going to take off his shirt and do the Naked Juggie Dance.”

“Emotional trauma for the Elephants. It’s gonna cost you extra.” Chelle about Hector going Lawyer on the Bad Guys.

“It’s only a Stun Grenade!” Kim about Danica stuffing a Grenade down an enemies mouth.
“But it’s Point Blank Range!” Kevin

“And Today the Monkey King thinks he is Nashaka (The jump ship’s Avatar)” Ryan

“Bullets..So 5 minutes ago.”

“Leon Chen PWN’d a rhino.”

“Fooled you!” From the Nav system as the van passes the enemy that was supposed to run them over. The Van was controlled by Rochelle.
“Damn My Hulk Like Hands.” Ryan

“Yes but now he’s bonded with you.” About CC surrounding Na Gamma as Armor.

“I get to pilot a Jump Ship” Kevin to Jim as Kevin’s Character pilots our ship who’s Avatar is The Monkey King thinking he is an Avatar of the Jump Ship.

“Leon Chen is going to ride his rhino.”

“I know her size now.” CC about Nagamma who he surrounded as Armor reciently.

“The Shaka want to know if you want to Launch it’s fighter squadrons.” Ryan
“And the Ship empties the Toilets.”

“Leon Chen gets his rhino out and runs away.”

“Madam, I need you to find a safe place..a closet or something” 911 talking to Danica.

“No Touchy My Monkey!” Chelle

“They look at each other and say..Really? Life Support?” About the enemies choice of what system to shut down on the ship to stop us.

“The Building is being polite and stopping our fire.” Aaron

“Land the ship, land the ship, land the ship..<repeating>” Ryan

“Are you going to Cau de’ gra Leon Chen.” Ryan as GM
“Um..No” Dave
“I like the fact that he paused.” Ryan

“It followed us, Can we keep it?” about Leon Chen’s Rhino.

“I Fire at the Truck.” Kevin using the spaceship’s turret.
“Awesome!” Ryan

“When it’s over the zoo, it’s more like wild kingdom.” Ryan

“Fuck following the white light..Here have a grenade.” Danica about dying

“They’re touching my monkey!”
“Did you bring your monkey to the zoo.”
“Did you botch?”
“You didn’t just kill him?”
“No, but he could have amputated his leg.”
“Vasoline First!”

“I was intending it as a have some Truck on Truck Action!” Kevin

“So their EK has been Neb-ulized.” Dave making a pun about the Spaceship running down the bad guys.
“Oh Look, wolves. They look kinder.” As the bad guys jump off the roof to avoid the Spaceship.

“You need to make the grenades chocolate coated..They go down easier.”

“Do we have a Tractor Beam.”
“I AM a tractor beam.” Kevin about his character.



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