Canned Space Ham


Jim: Something big has left the building.
Aaron: Elvis has left the building.

Chelle: What did you trip over your own two feet?
Kim: I rolled a 2.
Chelle: You were so happy to see combat you had to wipe away a tear.
Chelle & Kim: Thunk

Ryan as Leon: These minds are even more disturbed than usual.
Kim: We found the mental ward.
Kevin: Knutz!

Chelle to Dave: Did you and Danica switch brains?
Kevin: Brains!

Chelle: I think that I may have cannon envy.

Ryan: He’s the reinforcement. When CC starts to tumble like the space frozen monkey treat that he likes to be.
Dave: Well I need to upgrade from Target to Warrior:

Aaron: Watch & she’ll get a total success.
Jessie: Do I get a experience point?
Ryan: Absolutin.
Kevin: You can buy another specialty.

Jim: Fire on Do
Ryan: That’s the worse way to bake bread.
Jim: Now if CC threw a ruffie in there we would really be baking bread.
Aaron: Then we would be frying CC

Ryan: I don’t like killing characters.
Jessie: That’s why I’m here!

Chelle: Six successes on seven dice.
Ryan: Jesus Christ!
Chelle: I occasionally channel Kim.

Aaron: There I marked it.
Chelle: That door.
Aaron: Its marked clearly.

Jim: Everyone seal their suites, Rochelle blow the door.
Chelle: That was my plan. High five (turns to Jim with a closed fist, Jim turns to Chelle with an open hand. Jim then closes his fist, Chelle opens her hand, and they switch again, then actually they manage a high five).

Ryan: Do you have common sense?
Kevin: Yes
Ryan: As a merit?
Kevin: No

Chelle: We need to upgrade these so that when you throw them at someone they wrap around.
Kevin: I’ll get right on that as soon as I can enchant with magic rope.

Chelle: Between the Monkey King & I, we have nine successes.
Dave: The Monkey King makes an image on top of it & starts miming spanking it! What the Monkey King would totally do that.

Aaron: If I have to spend the whole trip back, slapping the lizard I will
Jim: So your spanking the lizard?
Aaron: Yep, I’m spanking the lizard silly

Jessie: I’m using a willpower
Ryan: What are you going to use it for tomorrow?
Jessie: I’m trying to suicide here!

Ryan: Leon Chen is slightly disgruntled that he can’t beat off.
Chelle: {snickers}
Jim: {pats Chelle’s shoulder} My mind went there too
Chelle: Now I don’t feel dirty.
Dave: Isn’t he banging Danica?
Ryan: Not right NOW he isn’t.

Ryan as Marzdon: You have my telepath. All rightly then, big boy.
Chelle: I didn’t know that they sung that way.
Ryan: Well after some any days, you know.
Dave: They are all gay in the Navy.
Chelle: My friend says, An ass is an ass, is an ass & a mouth is a mouth is a mouth.
Jim: Not to me.
Chelle: Are you speaking from experience?
Jim: NO
Ryan: And if he did would he tell you?
Aaron: So, if a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass, I still prefer pussy.
Jim: Me too
Ryan: How did we get on this topic?

Chelle: The froggy attacks the door,
Jessie: The Crymatic
Kim: The Froggie
Jessie: Crymatic
Kim: Froggie
Chelle: The phone is in the fish tank.

Chelle: You can take Marzdon to his ship.
Dave. You can take him to their ship.
Aaron: Aw, ship

Dave: So the infirmary is you closet?
Jim: No, it Fiest’s closet, he needs to find a new closet in the ship sized closet
Kim: The Bridge?
Dave: Closet inside closet inside a closet
Jessie: He’s Matroyska closeting

Ryan: and a mole, and a mole and a mole
Dave: Your playing whack a mole
Chelle: Your whacking a frog
Jessie: There are frogs everywhere

Jim: I think the frog just croaked.
Kevin: I was ribbited by the joke

Jessie: {mimes the snoring Crymatic {opens & Closes chest cavity})
Dave: That’s creepy
Ryan: This coming from Creepy Creepy
Dave: That’s quality Creepy

Ryan: Aidema is flaking out a little
Kevin: you can get a cream for that

Ryan: Fiest really likes you
Jim: He gives her his contact information, such as it is
Jessie: Do you give her you clipboard
Ryan: The she could find him anywhere
Jim: then yes

Chelle: I give Fiest the coordinates to the dark spot
Ryan: Its like telling the most beautiful woman where the most foul smelling port a potty in the world is
Jim: But sometimes you need to tell someone the wrong place as a rejection
Ryan: You know if you flip overt the lythian & fly it over another ship, not to mention that ship would be freaking out, is just poop flavored icing on the cake

Jim: Did anyone else see Episode 1. And is getting the same feeling from the screen with the two Jedi’s?
Kim: I’ve got a bad feeling about this
Jim: So are we having the green gas. Do we have gas?
Ryan: No

Ryan as Hector: Sorry of this CC & Rochelle but I need you to sign the non-disclosure document
Dave: If I sign this, its only about you William Renton?
Ryan as William Renton: Yes.
Chelle: So you’re a secret?
Ryan: That so has to go on quotes.
Kim: I can’t write that fast!!!
Kevin whispers: Don’t tranq him!!

Ryan as Renton: So lets be clear.
Mayor: No, I’m a porter.
Aaron: {points to Crys} No, that’s the clear!



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