Canned Space Ham

I can't write that fast!

Chelle: And bring me large women!
Aaron: Where did your mind go, Kevin?
Kevin: Why does the Rhino need human women?

Chelle: I really want the Monkey King to go back, Alt Home
Jim: I’m not sure that’s a good idea
Aaron: Enter home?

Ryan: His face doesn’t fit so well, its going to itch later.
Kevin: It sucks to be him.

Kevin: Ok back up plan.
Chelle: They have a case of space pox, from free range lunar chickens. They got a bad batch.

Jim & Jessie together: Who let the Rhino’s out? Who, Who

Chelle: Its rank in that alleyway
Jim: Its at least a Cornel

Chelle: You can help me with my circulation.
Ryan: You can help her with her circulation

Kevin: You not right or left in the head, something has left you brain and what is left isn’t right

Aaron: I hate Luna, I want to Nuke it
Kevin: Wait, can I clear out my apartment first? I have a plastic plotted plant that I haven’t dusted yet this year.
Aaron: Ok I can wait
Chelle: Ok, I will totally buy you a new plant

Jim: I was using today as a test of self-restraint
Chelle: I’m just not that masochistic

Dave: So can you jump easier an object vs people?
Chelle: Can you jump the bus?
Jessie: No, my legs are short, I don’t know if I can
Aaron: But in Luna gravity, it should be easier

Ryan: But I apparently drew the short straw, I am Cuban
Kevin: May I suggest you don’t get smoked.

Jim: Smoked What, Hickory what?
Ryan: Hickory smoked is so crazy!

Ryan: this is why I know the universe has a sence of humor. Cause in adulosence, you notice you have 2 hands and 1 cock, Why oh why
Dave: That’s why women have 2 breasts
Chelle: Or 1 hand on shoulder, other hand on shoulder—-pull
Jim: Or one hand on hip, the other hand on hip—-pull
Jessie: Or pigtails

Chelle: So you were complaining that you were Cuban, I thought that you were bieing rolled on virgin thighs.

So what’s the dress code
Chelle: I was thinking Hooters

Ryan: Talking about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the hand that is handling the Wang-Marr would like you to stay away for them to make their spin or at least stand close to a lawer & have some stupid rub off on you and the hand that is handling the Crymatics would like you just to handle these four people/

Chelle: I have an implanted radio
Jessie: I will try to port it with you
Kevin (holding hands together) Why wont you talk to me?

Chelle: You could have multiple heads, that way they would have to buy more pieces
And you could have grenades
Ryan: and they only go off when they are near CC

Jessie to Ryan: Really?!?!?! In an elevator?
Ryan: Come on its kinda tradition

Chelle: Well, he can be anyone for anybody.
Dave: Even Armour.
Kevin: Just stop answering the questions

Ryan: You could clone him
Kevin I don’t want in operational. Does he have medicine, I’m mot sure that we want him operating

Jessie: Four dots in Algesis, she is the Evil Cleric
Ryan: Yes, she’s the Evil Cleric & it took you a long time to figue that out

Chelle: He’s going to bet on the Free Range Lunar chickens. You know if you put them in…
Aaron: If we are having soup, you might want to wash the bowls.
Chelle: Gerbal balls
Kevin: WHAT!!!
Aaron: Kevin, are you alright?
Kevin: No, I’m deranged, so I fit right in

Ryan: Why do I have 2 hands?
Chelle: But I only need one
Ryan: But for CC {mimes hand to head} its this way
Chelle: Or wait I have three or even more. Can you give me a hand?
Would that be called pricklocks?

Ryan: You’re only rolling 1 dice? Roll psy sparky! A porter with only 1 psy. How did you leave Caru?
Chelle: This is just a telepathic nightmare
Ryan: You actual meat bodies are on Caru.

Me: Oh, we are on Luna & I have my grenades!!!{gleefully claps hands}
Aaron {shudders}

Jessie: I got 2!
Ryan: Strength plus 5 dice, and you only got 2?
Jessie: She has a strength of 2
Ryan: And he botches and steps into the kick
Chelle: You damaged each nut, you should concentrate on one, that way he has a 50/50 chance of being sterile.

Ryan: Robert Way botched (his intive)
Chelle: Oh good, there is someone below me

Ryan: Ok Mayor, time to punt
Jessie: Kick, Kick
Dave: Ok foot meet balls

Kevin: That leaves you and me {pointing to Chelle}
David: Wait, it doesn’t effect me!
Kevin: That leaves you and me {pointing to Chelle}
David: Hey!!!
Kevin: Sorry, but your combat effectiveness is nill

David: Some of them are altered
Kevin: More are going to be altered
Ryan: Some of them are going to be Fudcked up

Kevin: Did the guy Armour his eye? Oh wait goggles, he did

Ryan: Wow! You guys really don’t mess with collateral damage, do you?
Jessie: I didn’t realize that this was a hotel.

Ryan: Chelle gets mean when she gets angry
Chelle, Dave & Me: Vengeance

Ryan: So when I read the discription of brainjack I have a great vision, this guy is having a really bad narcoleptic fit (snores, wakes up, snores wakes up—repeat)

Ryan: I was not going to mess with the teleport rules, but I gues that I will look it up
Jessie: It says not to look, it specifficly states not to look
Ryan: Ok well then we won’t look. You were selective in the confrence room, I don’t see why you can’t be selective now
Chelle: But you’re on fire!
Jessie: Shut up!

Ryan: Fuck you hospital, this is my locker. And for a moment you wonder if Crys is in there

Dave: I think that I got you size right
Kevin: and there is Captin Creepy Creepy
Dave: I’ve got an eye for this sort of thing
Chelle: I can just see his eye roaming over the body
Kevin: Ouch!
David: And I wasn’t trying to be Creepy
Aaron: Once you’ve been labled, its hard to scrub it off
Kevin: Its tacky and sticky

Ryan: Some one may need to bring her down
Jessie: I have a dream
Kevin: And I have a tranq!

Kevin: How long until I loose memory? Or did the ruffie not get this close?
David: I’ve got beer
Kevin: I don’t want it
Jessie: Yes you do
Kevin: Oh wait, yes I do

Ryan: So you’re really going to mess up the Keoske?
Jessie: She’s going to make the Chacka buy tickets
Ryan: You just bought the UN! You have delegate, aides passes to the floor

Kevin: But is localized!
Ryan: Sometimes that’s worse
Kevin: Shut up
Ryan: For all the work to get the shop away from hoopty and now you have a hoopty
Kevin: I have weld!!!
Chelle: But do you have paint?
Kevin: No that’s the next application.



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